Lake On Bottle Keeper

Black Bottle Keeper with Built in Opener

Keep your beer cold on a hot summer day! No fear about breaking glass bottles on the boat. Plus it has a built in bottle opener and can float in the water. Available in Black matte and stainless steel.

Bottle Keeper was featured on Shark Tank and received a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner!


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Grab a Lake On Bottle Keeper with an Opener! This insulated stainless steel container transforms into a beer holder that will not only keep your beer safe from breaking but will also keep your beverage nice and cold on a hot sunny day at the lake. This has a black matte finish, a bottle opener built into the cap, with the cap “docked” to the bottle so it never floats away. Also available in Stainless Steel. Get Your Lake On and never drink a warm beer again!