Finding Thanks in 2020

Like most things this year, Thanksgiving may look and feel quite a bit different. Will it be another item on a list of things you can’t wait to forget about for 2020? Or, will it still rank as a top 3 favorite holiday? If your answer is more the former, here are a few suggestions we’re following at Lake On to make this Thanksgiving as enjoyable as possible.

Given thanks for those near and far

If you’re lucky enough to gather around a table with close friends or family, acknowledge what used to be an expectation is now a rare blessing while so many struggle in a year marked by social distance. For those you can’t be with, a quick call or simple note can send the same thoughtful message. You’ll feel better for it, too!

Rekindle favorite memories

Revive an old family recipe, continue a recent holiday tradition, or reflect on happy times with lost loved ones. Making these central to your day will re-introduce a sense of normalcy and familiar warmth.

Dream about the future

Whether it’s that next vacation, social gathering, or whatever fun you’ve had to put on hold this year, spend some time dreaming about the possibilities, no matter how far-fetched they may seem right now. Nothing stays the same, even the unpleasantries of 2020, so let yourself have fun with ideas for brighter days to come.

This Thanksgiving we wish to thank our special Lake On community of customers, partners, and Brand Ambassadors. You’re what bring our values to life, and we anxiously await the time when we can reconnect at future boat and ski shows.

With loving thanks,

Your Lake On Family