Light Your Fire

Kicking off with the Labor Day holiday, September becomes a month of transition both on and off the water. But that shouldn’t stop your Lake On spirit! Fall is the perfect time of year to Light Your Fire!

While cooler nights might have you opting to remain landbound, nothing makes taking in the water view better like a toasty bonfire surrounded by friends, family, and plenty of fun.

So gather up those sticks and practice these quick reminders for your best bonfire season yet:

Safety First! This is particularly important with kids in attendance. Whether roasting marshmallows or simply seated around the fire, your guests should be close enough to enjoy the warmth without risking accidental burns. 

Start Quick, Go Long It may sound backwards (because it technically is), but stack the fire upside down starting with largest logs on the bottom and finishing with small sticks and kindling. Be sure to stack each layer in opposite directions of each other. That will get things going quickly while creating a hot bed of coals to take you well into the evening. Then get ready to light your fire!

Create Fun Memories There’s nothing like a scary ghost story or a classic campfire song to kick things up a notch. Toss one out and watch others keep the fun going with more of their own.

Don’t Go Hungry A bonfire isn’t complete without tasty treats. Classics like s’mores and hot dogs are always winners. But branch out while still keeping things simple with grilled shrimp skewers, foil-wrapped chicken and vegetables, or flatbread pizza using a campfire rack. Here are 58 easy campfire recipes from Country Living.

Safety First and Last Don’t ever leave a fire unattended. When your guests are ready to call it a night, be sure the fire is put out properly to ensure until the next time. 

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Light Your Fire

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