August: Summer’s End or A New Beginning?

Sun over the lake

It’s subtle, but unmistakable this time of year: The sun’s rays gleam a little more golden, the shadows stretch a little longer, and the lush, green leaves seem to whisper they’re feeling a little tired. Yet again we’re reminded on this annual trip around the sun that the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Change is Constant

That old adage has never been more true in the final weeks of summer. Change is inevitable, but as it predictably unfolds with each season on the calendar, in our personal lives, or around the globe, so many things remain the same: The dog days of summer press on until cooler nights and crickets creep in, watersports turn into bonfires, and school (in some form) kicks into gear.


Constant is Comfort

While these may not always be welcomed changes, the predictable and constant nature of them can provide structure, if not a sense of comfort, despite their fluid nature in our ever-changing environment.  

Much like the water: Always flowing, always moving along the surface, and always changing forms between seasons. And yet, water is an ever-present source of tranquility, adventure, and freedom for those of us who seek it — Ironically, it’s an anchor of sorts; albeit a moving one.

Ever notice how the sight of moving water has the mysterious power of steadying us?

Sitting on the Dock at the Lake

Always a Reason and Water to Get Your Lake On

As the dew on the grass transforms into steam off the water, don’t lament the inevitable passing of summer. Rest assured the water will persist no matter the season in all its ever-changing beauty and source of restoration. 

As the events of 2020 continue to unfold along with the changing seasons, take comfort knowing there is always a reason and always water to Get Your Lake On in whatever form floats your boat or puts wind in your sails. 

Sailboat on the Lake at Sunset