Father’s Day

Boat Compass
Photo Courtesy Jon Flobrant www.unsplash.com

On Mother’s Day we discussed how moms are the “family anchor”.  They ground us, hold us tight, and never waver.  If moms are the anchor of the family, then dads are the compass of the family. 

The “Dad Compass”

A compass is used for navigation and orientation, showing direction.  We put our faith in the compass.  Whether we are using it while boating or hiking in the woods, we rely on the compass to help us along the way. A dad is exactly that for his family.  During rough wake and swells, he protects his family, gives guidance, and directs them back to calmer water. Children often finds themselves lost and need help with orientation. Who do they run to?  Dad! He is the way to safety. He’s the strongest.


Being called “dad” is one of the greatest joys in life a man can experience.  It’s not only a gift from God but a responsibility to the little ones that look up to them.  Just like a compass, they are expected to lead their children through this journey called life. A little girl will always compare other boys to her daddy.  A little boy will try so hard to be just like daddy.  Daddy is their pride and joy.

Dad on a Boat with Daughter
Photo Courtesy of Tatiana Syrikova www.unsplash.com


Dads have the blessed opportunity to teach their children important skills that will carry them through life.  To name a few – how to tie shoes, ride a bike, waterski, drive, and understanding the value of faith, family, and friendship.  There is nothing more pleasing to a dad than when their kid looks up at them beaming with joy because of what they’ve learned from him. Memories that last a lifetime! 

This Father’s Day let’s remember to shout it out loud “I LOVE YOU, DAD”! Remind them how important they are to our families.  How grateful we are to call them dad!  Without them we may find ourselves lost at sea without the “dad compass” to lead us home safe and sound.  

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be strong.  Let all that you do be done with love.  1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Dad With Kids
Photo Courtesy of Ketut Subiyanto www.unsplash.com