15 Lake Hacks For This Weekend

1. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

This simple lake hack is extremely versatile. Simply take your aloe vera gel, put it in ice cube trays, and then freeze it. If you’re worried about holding the cold ice cubes, just insert a popsicle stick or toothpick prior to freezing. Whether you’re spending the weekend at the lake or staying home, this hack can be used anywhere.

Aloe Vera Ice cubes are soothing for sunburns or other minor irritations when you’d normally apply aloe vera gel. Pack some in your cooler while you’re spending the day at the lake. Your skin will thank you! Note: These are for minor burns. Never use aloe vera ice cubes to treat severe burns. 

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes
Photo Credit: Devon Rockola

2. Hot Dog Hack

Want to roast hot dogs for your entire lake crew at the same time?  Buy a new rake and take it to the camp ground. Place the hot dogs on the rake and roast them all at once over your camp fire.  Check this how to video from Delish.  Dinner is served! 

In addition to cooking hot dogs, try making S’mores on your rake. Put the marshmallows on the prongs and lay your graham crackers and chocolate on the flat part of the rake. You’ll have s’mores ready for your entire group! 

Hotdogs on a Rack Camping Hack

3. Keep Your Phone Safe & Easy to Use

This lake hack will keep your cell phone dry! Simply toss your phone in a ziplock bag. You’ll still be able to use your touch screen and keep your phone safe from water. 

5. Clean a Messy Grill

Grandma always said that onions are the most important tool in the kitchen. The texture of the onion combined with their sulfuric compounds make them the perfect tool to clean a messy grill.  Cut your onion in half, and stick a fork in the rounded side. Then put cooking oil on the flat side. Viola! You just created an onion grill brush. Now, scrub the onion on your grill grates! Not only does it clean, but it leaves your food tasting even better. 

Onions Sliced in Half to Clean a Messy Grill

6. Cold Drinks Fast

Fill your ice chest with layers of water, ice, and salt. Then submerge your drinks. Within 20 minutes they’ll be ready to drink!  Keep your drinks colder longer with Lake On Company Bottle MatesKoozies, and Drinkware

Get Your Lake On Bottle Mate

6. Make Your Propane Last Longer

Using a propane lantern at your campsite? Soak the wick in vinegar for several hours before you use it. This prolongs the life of the wick and allows you to make the propane last longer. 

7. Ambient Light from a Water Jug

Create light bright enough for your entire tent by putting your headlamp around a gallon jug.

8. A Spoonful of Sugar 

If you’re struggling to ignite your charcoal and don’t have any lighter fluid on hand, give sugar a try. When sugar catches fire it releases a chemical that can help ignite. You can also use sugar to keep your firing going. 

9. DIY Hand washing Station

We all know how important it is to wash your hands. During COVID-19 they’ve said washing your hands at least 6 times a day will help to slow the spread of the pandemic. So how do we wash our hands easily while camping? Create a hand washing station using an empty laundry detergent container or a food safe storage water container with a spigot. You can go the extra mile and use bungees to stop a paper towel roll to the top. Make sure to have soap next to the continuer. It’s just like having a sink at home!  For a step by step tutorial, visit The Paleo Outdoors. Follow along with Stacy’s step by step photos to create the perfect hand washing station. 

DIY Hand Washing Station for Camping from The Paleo Outdoors
Photo Credit: The Paleo Outdoors

10. Bonfire Kit

There are plenty of ways to start a fire or keep one going.  One of the easiest things you can do is create bonfire kit prior to camping.  Dip cotton pads in paraffin wax. Wax burns quickly, so these are a nice to have on hand to keep your fire going.  You can also use an old egg carton and fill the 12 empty spaces with charcoal squares. Use these in place of adding lighter fluid to the fire. It’s cost effective and works even better! 

11. Freeze Water Bottles

Instead of putting ice in your cooler, use frozen water bottles. They’ll keep everything nice and cold, and then you’ll have bottled water on hand while you spend the day on the lake! This lake hack will keep you hydrated and cool on a hot summer day! 

12. DIY Float

Create your own bobber using a foam earplug. Visit Field & Stream for DIY instructions. 

DIY Fishing Float
Photo Credit Field and Stream

13. Eggcellent Breakfast

Looking to cook eggs on your camping weekend, but unsure how to transport the eggs without breaking?  Before you go crack your egg, beat them, and pour them into a plastic bottle.  Then all you have to do is pour the eggs into your pan and you’ll have breakfast in no time! No mess and no broken eggs! This is one lake hack you have to try! 

14. Pancakes 
Just like the eggs you can make it easy to have pancakes over the campfire.  Mix the batter up before hand and place it into zip lock bags. When you’re ready to eat, simply cut the corner of the bag and use it like you would for piping icing!  

15. Orange You Glad…

Orange you glad you read these lake hacks? Before you go, we’ve got one more tip. You can use the peel of your orange, lemon, or other citrus fruits as a vessel for a candle. Pull out the fruit and fill the rind with vegetable or olive oil. Use the stem as a wick and you’re set. Here are visual step by step details to assist you with the process.

Candle Made from an Orange for Camping
Photo Credit: DualPhase