The Anchor

Anchor Photo courtesy of Oscar Helgstrand
The Anchor


In our last blog we discussed the importance of family and friends and what they mean to Lake On Company. Next on the list of our core values are passion and memories. Being passionate about the water means different things to all walks of life. For some it is an enthusiasm for water sports, others find fulfillment in lake photography, and for many it’s simply spending time together in nature. 

At Lake On Company, we are passionate about many things. First and most importantly we want to use our business as a vessel to serve others. We consider ourselves #blessed and look for ways to #payitforward. For example, each year we partner with USA Adaptive Wake Sports and Water Ski. USA-WSWS assists those with disabilities and enables them to fulfill their passions of #wakeboarding and #waterskiing. To learn more about USA-WSWS visit (Website here).  #USAWSWS 

Moms: The Anchor 

Secondly, we are passionate about spending time on the water with our family and friends. Whether we find ourselves fishing, canoeing, skiing, swimming, or taking a walk around the lake, the most important thing is that we share those times with who we love the most.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and therefore we find ourselves reflecting on the moms in our lives. Recently, I was thinking about boating and the importance of the anchor. The purpose of the anchor is to hold the boat securely. Without the anchor the boat would drift, leading us away from our point of interest, and potentially into turbulent waters. The Anchor is a symbol of steadfastness, consisted strength, trust, and confidence. 

In comparison, moms are the anchor of our families. They offer us security, stability, and keep us grounded. They are unwavering, steadfast, and hold us together. During this #pandemic many moms have suddenly taken on new roles. Many became teachers overnight. Some are working from home and taking care of their kids. Meanwhile others are working in the healthcare field and making personal sacrifices each day. To all moms, we want to extend our deepest thanks. Not just for taking on new challenges during the pandemic, but for what you do each day. Thank you for being the anchors in our lives. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day we are offering a special bundle. Purchase this Get Your Lake On tote bag filled with a soy candle, hat, and wine glass for the anchor in your life. We will even cover the cost of shipping. 

Mother's Day Gift Bag Lake Apparel includes tote bag, wine glass, soy candle and hat.


Memories are the fourth core value of Lake On Company. In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to share something personal to us.

We both had a love for water growing up as kids.  From the saltwater of The Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic shoreline to the freshwater lakes and rivers of the Deep South, we both fell in love with this lifestyle at a very young age.  A passion that defines us to the core.  Fast forward some years to “us” and we landed in IL – Midwest Lake Living! We cherish the memories we make each day and never miss a chance spending time with our two boys skiing, tubing, fishing, skating, or making s’mores around a bonfire.

Life on water is any style that you choose it to be.  Every season offers something that will soothe your soul.  Priceless moments that will define you and have you coming back time and time again.

We’re excited to share Get Your Lake On products with fellow lake enthusiasts and more so to share this passion with everyone.  Discover the water in you, it will change your life.  Can’t wait to see you out there!

Contest Winner

Thank you to all who participated in in our Mother’s Day giveaway. We are excited to announce that Sarah Helgeson is the lucky winner of a Get Your Lake On wine glass and tee shirt! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to be notified of our upcoming graduation giveaway! 

Happy Mother’s Day and Lake On 😎🤙🏼

Anchor Photo Courtesy of Oscar Helgstrand