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Family and Friends

The Importance of Family & Friends During COVID-19

If there’s one thing we’re learning from COVID-19 it’s the importance of family and friends. While we all know in the back of our minds how influential these people are in our lives, we tend to take them for granted. Our mentality at Lake On Company is to focus on these priorities: Family, Friends, Passion, Memories. Over the next few blogs we will dive further into what these words mean to our brand, and how you can be a part of our mission. 

In the water ski community, to slalom means to use a single ski so that the feet are secured behind one another. We all must do our part in order to stay safe and help avoid the spread of virus by social distancing. Being apart from one another does not mean we can’t be together. In fact, we have to focus on togetherness in order to make it through this time. Imagine all of us together on one ski, secured behind each other. Together, #WeAreSlalom and together we will get through this.

As we continue to distance ourselves from one another, many of us have had the opportunity to spend more time than normal with our families. Time in close quarters can lead to additional stressors so we encourage all of you at home with your kids to cherish this time and make many memories. We often hear the saying “Life is Short” and this pandemic has us more aware of what that truly means. So no matter what you’re doing, do it together!

Creative Things to Do with Kids During the Pandemic

1. Scavenger Hunts: Make a list of things your kids have to find. Go for a walk or drive and see if they can mark them all off their checklist.

2. Make a Fort: Use items around your house and make a fort with your kids.

3. Do an Experiment: Many parents suddenly became teachers overnight with COVID-19 closing our school systems nationwide. Teaching your kids can be fun and easy. Check out these experiments that your kids love and help them learn by Bill Nye the Science Guy!

4. Write a Note: Thanking our medical community is something we should all be taking the time to do right now. Have your kids write a note of thanks or draw a picture for all of those working in medical field. Post it to your social media accounts to encourage all who see it.

5. Cook Together: Scour the internet for new fun recipes to try or get creative and develop a dish from scratch. Instilling the value of cooking in your kids will be an important tool that they can use the rest of their lives.

6. Learn to Code: If you child is into computers, check out Mommy Poppins for a list of sites that will help your kids learn to code.

7. Watch the Beluga Whale webcam: The Georgia aquarium has a webcam setup so you can your family can watch the Beluga Whales from the comfort of your home. You will also find links to watch penguins, alligators, otters, and sea lions!

8. Bring Your Child to Work Day: Ok, we get it, right now everyday is bring your child to work day. They run interrupt your conference calls, everyone hears them screaming in the background, or they decide to color all over your work documents. During this crazy time, your kids are certain to see you typing away on your computer or interacting with your coworkers on Zoom. Help give them a picture of what you do for a living by showing them your work, introducing them to your coworkers, and letting them help you out with a project. While it can be stressful getting the job done with the kiddos at home, this is a fun way to make the most of it.

9. Together Time: Work a puzzle, play cards, or break out that Clue game that has been sitting in your closet. Whatever you choose, do it together!

10. Obstacle Course: Inside or outside…there are lots of fun ways to setup an obstacle course for your kids. Help them to get that extra energy out in a new and exciting way!

11. Make a Book: Younger kids are full of stories and they love to draw and color. Use your time together to and have them write and illustrate their own story.

12. Take a Farm Tour: Teach your child how milk is made, give them a live view of farm animals, and help them gain understanding about the importance of farms to society by viewing these live web cams from FarmFood 360.

13. Get Your Lake On: The core of Lake On Company. We wouldn’t be able to create a list of things to do without having #GYLO included. While most of are on stay at home orders, you can still spend time enjoying a walk or drive around the water as long as you’re keeping your social distancing. Water has a way of relaxing our bodies and reducing stress. If you are lucky to live on or near the water, there are essential health benefits you can enjoy throughout the year.

We hope that you’ll share your fun experiences and creative ideas of the time you’re spending with family and friends during the pandemic on our Lake On Company Facebook and Instagram pages. Take care and Lake On!