Christmas at the Lake

The snow is falling, and the lake is calling! Spending the Christmas holiday with your family at the lake can be a time filled with joyous memories and special traditions. If this is your first time heading to the lake during the winter, you may wonder what to do since most lake activities require an unfrozen lake. We explore some of the winter and holiday activities you can do while you vacation at the lake.

Deck the Halls with Holiday Trimmings

With snow covering the surrounding lake and trees, the scenery looks like a winter wonderland. However, when renting a cabin or returning to your beach house, the holidays may feel distant when the fireplace and living room are bare. Do you have any spare room in your vehicle? Consider bringing some Christmas decorations suitable for small spaces that can heighten the holiday season at the lake. If you the property allows you to do such, cut down a nearby tree to place and decorate in your living room.

Dash Through the Snow with Sledding and Tubing

For adrenaline enthusiasts, this is a great way for you to enjoy the outdoors while spending Christmas at the lake. Take your sleds to the hills and slopes to enjoy the snow at its finest. For areas that don’t have large hills, you can still have outdoor fun with a snowmobile and tubing. This is a fun family activity sure to bring laughter as you delightfully recount the memories later that evening.

Light Up the Night with A Bonfire

Nothing warms a chilly evening like a bonfire! The bright embers and crackling wood create a cozy scene for your entire family to enjoy. However, what’s a bonfire without some treats? When you pack for your trip to the lake, don’t forget to pack the quintessential s’mores ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate squares, and marshmallows. The family will be sure to stay with you alongside the fire.

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Baking

Flour, sugar, chocolate, and frosting? Check! Be sure to bring along your favorite cookie cutters and baking essentials to the lake. A day of baking Christmas cookies, chocolates, and candies can turn a free afternoon into a whirlwind of kitchen activities. While everything bakes in the oven, you can view the wintery lake or sit by the fire with your loved ones while drinking hot chocolate or eggnog. To add a little competition, turn it into an event by challenging family members to a Christmas cookie bakeoff followed by a tasting! The whole cabin will smell like vanilla in no time.

Oh, What Fun to Get Your Lake On

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