10 Best Back-to-School Tips for Students & Moms

The first day of school is just around the corner. It will be here before you know it. Don’t worry, though – just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean living life to the fullest has to end! Below, we explore a few ways students and moms can enjoy the school year by considering a few simple tips.

Hey, Students…

1. Ground Rules

You can help yourself do well this school year! Establishing a few ground rules before the semester starts is key to success. For example, no TV or social media until your assignments are complete. While studying, keep your phone where you can’t reach it. Sound difficult? Try it out, and your productivity levels might skyrocket.

2. Morning Routine

Decide what your morning routine will look like – or ask your mom what your routine should look like! How much time will you need to get dressed, shower, do makeup, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, gather your homework, etc.? Establishing a morning routine before the semester begins will aid in a smooth transition from summer to school.

3. Bedtime

Did you know that you NEED 8-9 hours of sleep every night? Keep that in mind when you go to bed. What time will you put your phone down or leave the party? OK? Stick with it! You’ll feel 10x better the next day.

4. De-Stress Time

Stress is often a regular companion to the school year. That’s okay! Think of healthy ways to relax, de-stress, and chill out during the semester. Whether you love reading, exercising, movies, playing music, or baking – make a list of your favorite chill-out activities.

5. Have Fun + Head to School in Style!

Last (but not least) have fun! Enjoy the school year. Study hard, spend time with friends, and remember the joys of summer with stylish Lake On apparel. Before you know it, the school year will come to a close, summer just around the corner.

Hey, Moms…

6. Host a Family Meeting

It’s true… summertime schedules and school schedules usually collide. If a new routine is on the horizon, discuss your proposed changes with the whole family.

7. Healthy Breakfast Prep

You’ve probably heard the phrase a hundred times: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The mantra holds true! Healthy breakfasts, full of protein, give your children energy to conquer the day.

8. School Supplies

The school supply list was probably sent your way. Now what? Take your kids shopping and let them help choose their favorite supplies. Not only will this inspire your kids to anticipate the semester, but it’s also a great bonding opportunity!

9. After-School Activities

Healthy after-school activities are unbelievably rewarding. Consider signing up for sports, dance lessons, etc.

10. Enjoy Life!

Once the lunches are packed and the routine has been established, you can breathe! Take time to enjoy life. Read a book, sip some wine, go for a walk… The sky is the limit. Enjoy some alone time with great Lake On gear, designed to help you live life to the fullest.

Lake On Company

Lake On Company is inspired by adventure. Period. We believe in living life to the fullest in every season. As you prepare for the school year, recall your favorite summertime memories, represent Lake On in your classrooms, and look forward to the adventures awaiting you in the months ahead!