10 Summer Bucket List Items (You May Have Forgotten)

We’re reaching the climax of summer! The days are hot and sunny, the air smells like sunscreen, lemonade, and grilled food, and the outdoor activities are endless. As we launch into the second half of this beautiful season, don’t give up on your bucket list. Remember the activities you dreamt of during the long winter – and let that motivate you to check off more items. Do you need more ideas? Below are a few of our favorite bucket list items.

1. Visit Your Local Farmers Market

If you haven’t tasted fresh, locally grown produce yet, visit a local farmers market. Google “Farmers Market Near Me” and take a day-trip. You won’t be disappointed.

2. Stargaze

Hot summer days ease into soft, cool nights. Grab a blanket, a friend or significant other, bug spray, and you’re set to watch the stars. What constellations do you recognize? What about your companion? You probably will want to turn your stargazing experience into a light-hearted competition.

3. Watch the Sunrise At the Beach

Whether you live by the beach or have to travel a little, don’t be afraid to wake up early and watch the sunrise over a glassy body of water. If you prefer sleeping in and staying out late, watch the sunset. Both experiences are uniquely unforgettable.

4. Visit A Zoo

Lookup a local zoo and make it an all-day trip. Try to learn something about an animal that you didn’t know before (and dazzle your family).

5. Go Swimming

Go to the lake, dive into a pool, check into a hotel, or splash into the ocean. Are you the cool friend with the best pool? Host a pool party! Practice your advanced strokes or, maybe, just cannonball into the deep end. Whatever your method, swimming is a healthy, low-impact exercise. What better time than summer to have fun while working out?!

6. Run a Race

Nothing inspires non-runners to run like signing up for a race. Training for and completing a race is extraordinarily rewarding. Need more motivation? Invite someone to train with you and keep each other accountable.

7. Go Camping

Last minute trips are okay! Go camping this weekend or next. Pack your tent, your cooler, and a flashlight – and get ready for campfires, starry nights, and s’mores.

8. Take a Road Trip

What does a road trip look like to you? It might look like driving an hour north until you find a beach or adventure-worthy forest preserve. Or it might mean traveling halfway across the country. Your choice. Just start somewhere.

9. Volunteer at a Charity

Spend an afternoon serving your favorite charitable organization. You will feel rewarded with time well spent – and will probably want to return again!

10. Get Your Lake On

Our favorite summertime activity is gettin’ our lake on! If you haven’t already spent a day at the lake, on a boat, by the beach, swimming and fishing, spending quality time with the people you love… you still have time! Make getting your lake on bucket list item this summer. We promise it will be unforgettable.