Celebrate Your Mom “Lake On” Style!

We love our moms. They are some of the most hard-working, diligent, selfless individuals in our lives. They are strong, demand little, and sacrifice everything, even when taken for granted at times. Every single day provides a new chance to thank our moms for all that they do.

Mother’s Day is a priceless opportunity to honor your mom in an extraordinary, special, once-a-year kind of way. So, what’s your plan? May 12th is just around the corner. How will you celebrate your mom this year? By celebrating your mom Lake On style, you can demonstrate how much you care, giving your mom a valuable, memorable “Thank you!”

How will you celebrate Lake On style this year?

Say “thank you”—and personalize it:

This Mother’s Day, tell your mom just how much you appreciate her company, her love, her friendship, and her strength. Verbalize your gratitude! Make it personal. Let her know exactly what she means to you. Thank her for the specific role she plays in your life. She will be delighted.

Say “thank you”—and speak her love-language:

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts, especially those that are personalized, special, and thought-through. This year, give your mom two special Lake On gifts.

First, check out our tote bag! Moms enjoy (and are the best at) gathering everything your family could possibly need for an outing at the lake. This special design is durable and stylish, perfect for carrying everything she may pack, from sunscreen, books, and sandwiches to tumblers and towels. Let your mom know she is loved by giving her the stylish gear she needs.

After packing up the family for a day at the lake, nothing is more relaxing than a glass of wine. Give your mother one of our newest products, a Lake On wine cup, beautiful and compact. She can add it to the tote bag, bring it to the lake, and enjoy it while soaking up the sunshine.

Say “thank you” – and take her out on the lake:

Let this Mother’s Day be the start of a pattern of showing your mom how much you love her. Every day that passes brings with it a hint of summer and a touch more sunshine. As it gets warmer, take your mom out to the lake! Few activities can foster healthy family bonding like a day spent in the sun, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. This Mother’s Day, celebrate Lake On-style on May 12th and for the rest of the summer!

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