Overlooked Items When Packing for the Lake

The plans are made, the bags are packed, and the water is waiting for you. But before you head out, be sure to check your car for the most commonly forgotten lake essentials. Some can be lifesaving, while others are just plain old handy! And don’t forget to pack your favorite Lake On hats, tote bags, and shirts. 

First Aid Kit

Easily the most forgotten item to pack for any travel is a basic first aid kit. A basic first aid kit should include adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, antihistamine, gauze pads, medical tape, and pain-relief medication. With some variation, this list will typically meet most of your minor medical needs and can tide you over if you require serious medical attention. 

Wet Wipes

Adventure time at the lake can be messy. You’ve got mustard dipping down your hand, mud on your elbow, and who knows what kind of germs are on your hands after a day on the lake. You need something easy to pack when you don’t have access to fresh water and soap. Wet wipes can be used for so many things plus they are easy to throw in any bag, backpack, or car. 

Knife / Swiss Army Knife

A simple Swiss Army knife can be packed easily and brought with you anywhere you go. You never know what you’ll encounter at the lake. A knife can be an easy tool to snip a loose string, clip a fishing line, or remove a splinter. Please remember to keep sharp and dangerous items out of reach of children and teach them proper safety measures that are age appropriate. 


We know your phone has a flashlight, but you know accidents happen. Your phone slips out of your hand and into the lake, or falls on a rock and breaks the screen, or you’ve forgotten your charger and it’s dead. It happens but you can prepare for the worst and pack a flashlight. You can never predict when you’ll need to make a quick run to the car in the middle of the night, light a fire after dark, or play a friendly game of flashlight tag. 


Not just a fashion accessory, your sunglasses are protecting your eyes from harmful extended UV exposure which can cause blindness, produce astigmatism, or cataracts. Both UVA and UVB rays can penetrate glass which means you should be sure to pack your best sunglasses to ensure you’re protected. Wearing a hat is also recommended as it can help prevent the rays from reaching your eyes.

Fellow lake lover, you’ve come to the right place. Our passion for the water flows deep in our veins and we wear it proudly on our sleeves, literally! Wear your lake pride in our tees, hats, flags, water bottles, and more as you enjoy your next lake outing. If you’re like us, that next outing is already in the works. But don’t forget to pack the essentials and be prepared to have a blast. Visit our shop to check out our latest gear.