Who is Lake On Company?

Welcome to the Lake On community! We’re so glad you’re here. You may be asking yourself “Who is Lake On Company?” Simply put – we are lake souls through and through. Our love for the water began at a very young age, from the freshwater lakes and rivers of the South to the saltwater majesty of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic shore. This passion for the water defines us to the core and is the heart and soul of Lake On Company. 

Based out of Illinois, we have embraced Midwest lake living to the fullest. From boating, tubing, and skiing in the heat of the summer to s’mores, bonfires, and fishing in the cool of autumn, we never pass up the opportunity to spend time on the lake with loved ones. For us, life on the lake is all about sharing passion for the water, making memories, and spending time with family and friends. 

Whether you’re a lifelong lake lover or an occasional lake visitor, we believe that life on the water is for everyone and can be enjoyed in any style that you choose. Every season offers a unique opportunity to cultivate your love for the lake, and soon you’ll find that these priceless experiences will bring you back to the lake over and over again. Discover what life on the lake means to you, and it will change your life. 

At Lake On Company, the following core values guide us: 

Passion: We are committed to inspiring others by sharing our love for the lake and its surroundings. We believe that passion for the lake is something everyone can enjoy!

Adventure: We believe the lake environment provides heathy and fun ways to try something new. We encourage others to embrace the adventure that the lake has to offer and discover new favorite hobbies!

Belonging: We cherish the ways that the lake fosters connection between people. We are passionate about nurturing and growing the lake community across the country. 

Comfort: We are keenly aware of the calm and serenity that the lake provides. We encourage others to embrace the comforting nature of the lake, cozy up to a fire, and enjoy time with loved ones to soothe your soul. 

Perspective: We believe that spending time on the lake provides amazing perspective. We have seen that spending even a short time on the lake can change your outlook as you soak in the nature around you. 

Excellence: We see the lake as a way to live your best life by striving to create amazing memories and enjoy new experiences. We apply this to everything we do at Lake On Company, from producing quality products to building the lake community with people like you. 

Lake On Company is an extension of who we are and our passion for the lake. We are excited to share Get Your Lake On products with fellow lake enthusiasts and with everyone who appreciates time on the water. We encourage you to browse our selection and see how our products can help you take the feeling of the lake with you wherever you go. We can’t wait to share life on the lake with you! Lake On!